Pro Class Digital


Pro Class Digital


Pro Class Digital Series

For a limited time - J Louis will guide you through the painting process of his recent work, “Blue Lids”. In this 10 part video series J will share his palette, tools, techniques and insight into the decisions he makes through real time narration.

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Here is a preview of the video with samples from the first two parts of the 10 part series.

“Creating a beautiful work of art is difficult. No matter how you approach a painting it is not an easy venture, so I have recorded the entire painting process of my recent work, “Blue Lids” with full commentary to share with you how I think and create a painting.

I want to share with you the tools, techniques and mindset of creating this work through 4 hours of high definition 4k video. Split into 10 parts this video demo is an opportunity for artists of all levels to learn and develop their own work by applying the methods I share while creating “Blue Lids”.

After receiving requests from artist all over the world I have decided to create a digital painting demo about the painting process of my recent work, “Blue Lids”. This is equivalent to one day of my live 3-day Pro Class. I want to help you paint your best.

Warm Regards,”