Contemporary Practices Oil Painting



To Apply Email with 3-5 images of your work and a brief description of why you wish to attend   

12 student maximum per session


3-Day workshop

Whether you are a passionate painting enthusiast or professional artist, J Louis will help you explore new opportunities in figurative art.   This workshop will focus on painting the figure with contemporary tools and techniques. You will be guided through the fundamentals of live model photography, composition, material application, and the completion of a finished art piece. The workshop will conclude with a discussion on efficient studio, marketing and business practices applicable to both the professional and novice artist.



Day 1 - Capturing and designing the image

Day 2 - Digital to physical demonstration

Day 3 - One-on-one instruction / business


*Students are required to bring a laptop (with a free trial download of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) and camera for the workshop.  Please contact the artist at with any questions comments or concerns. 



The total cost is $580 with all materials provided. 

*This includes a non-refundable $180.