Pro Class Bootcamp


Whether you are a passionate painting enthusiast or professional artist, J Louis will help you push your boundaries in figurative art.   This intensive Pro Class will focus on painting the figure from concept to completion. You will be guided through a live model photography session, compositional and art theory discussion, material application demonstration, the completion of your own finished art piece and more. The Pro Class BOOTCAMP will conclude with a discussion on efficient studio management, marketing, business practices and live auction of J Louis’ demonstration painting.


- This demo is held at J Louis' private NYC studio. 

- The class will run from 10am-11pm on March 28-31st.

- All art-making materials will be provided by the artist.  Please bring a sketchbook to take notes, camera, and laptop.

*Students are required to bring a laptop (with a free trial download of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) and camera for the Pro Class.  Please contact the artist at with any questions comments or concerns.