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Alyssa M. Tidwell / JUNE 2019

A new body of work completed within the last year will be highlighted at Arcadia Contemporary in Pasadena, California, beginning June 22. The idea for the show, Louis says, is to create this “very dreamy space,” perhaps waking viewers up to a concept less often pondered—that qualities like softness and tenderness do not equal weakness.


Clarity in the Midst of Colour: the Paintings of J. Louis

Art Aesthetics

Shayan Barjesteh Van Waalwijk Van Doorn / AUGUST 5, 2018

For a young artist on the outset of his career, J Louis has already experimented and painted an awful lot, and his art has met with deserved praise. Women as subjects for admiration, representation and decoration, assume a prominent position in the art of J. Louis.


Scraped into focus

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Painting is most often thought of as the application of paint. But removing paint has its own rewards, as is the case with the artwork of J. Louis, who uses layers of paint—some stacked tall and others scraped away to reveal a soulful underbelly of raw color—to explore the kaleidoscope of emotion that can be found in the human face.



Beautiful bizarre

Bella Harris / MAY 1, 2018

J Louis’ fascination with moments of human connection exhibits itself in his work through cleverly posed subjects and his use of texture and color amid abstracted space. Through the juxtaposition of female figures in space, he captures the exquisite strength and intricacy of women and contemplates the nature of connection. His works push the boundaries of contemporary figurative art.