NYC PRO CLASS Workshop - May 14-17

Experience J Louis' comprehensive workshop. All skill levels welcome. Limited to 8 students.


In this 4 day workshop, explore the painting process of J Louis from concept to creation. J will share with you his method for capturing exceptional reference imagery in a live model photo shoot and help you elevate your work with luscious color, texture, and design. You will have exclusive access to J's creative process in his private NYC studio.

“J Louis is known for his oil paintings of female figures, focusing on the exquisite strength and alluring complexity of women through saturated color, flattened space, and texture. His technical painting skills, his eye for capturing an expression that portrays an intimate story, and his material experimentation are combined together to create a dynamic harmony between emotion and design. J Louis explores the boundaries of contemporary expressionism while living and working in New York City.” - Arcadia Contemporary, Pasadena, CA

Whether you are a painting enthusiast, professional artist, or just passionate and eager to learn, J Louis will help you push your boundaries in figurative art. This Pro Class will focus on all aspects of constructing a purely original work of art.

J will guide you through a live model photography session, compositional and art theory discussion, material application demonstration, the completion of your own finished art piece, and more. The Pro Class workshop will conclude with a discussion on efficient studio management, marketing, business practices and live auction of J’s demonstration painting. This workshop is for people who wish to completely immerse themselves in J Louis’ intense personal workflow.

Space is extremely limited and expected to fill quickly. The workshop is limited to 8 students of all skill levels.


4-DAY PRO CLASS workshop | May 14-17


Thursday, May 14th 10AM - 4PM - Overview of workshop. Students are guided through a reference photoshoot, concepting session and computer aided design demonstration.

Friday, May 15th 10AM - 4PM - J demonstrates archival sketch panel preparation and various painting techniques.

Saturday, May 16th 10AM - 4PM - Students begin painting with J’s instruction.

Sunday, May 17th 10AM - 3PM - Students finish their painting, and the workshop ends with a discussion on professional practices and branding.



This workshop is held at J Louis' private NYC studio. Location and other information sent after sign-up.

The class will run from 10am-4pm from May 14-17.

All art-making materials will be provided by the artist. Please bring a sketchbook to take notes, camera, and laptop.*

*Students are required to bring a laptop (with a free trial download of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom) and camera for the Pro Class. Please contact the artist at with any questions. 

Workshop fee

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Full refund possible until 30 days prior to start of workshop


Workshop Reviews

“The workshop lasted three days and let me tell you it was entirely worth it. It was jam-packed with information, techniques and best practices for both making art and making it as an artist. If you are looking to take your work to the next level and learn from a contemporary master I highly recommend it.”

- Kamar T. (, @ohkamar) from 3-day NYC workshop

“Taking part in the J Louis workshop was not only educational but very inspiring. I can’t say enough good things about J Louis as an artist and also as a person. He went above and beyond a typical workshop and was a true teacher at heart. He shares his gift and knowledge in such a genuine and generous way. I would highly recommend this workshop to widen understanding of painting and textiles as well as inspiration that comes from thinking outside the box.” 

- Tamara B. (@tamarabrownart) from 3-day Charlotte workshop

“J. Louis’ Pro Workshop got me thinking about my creative process in a new way. J. is present and so generous and meets each participant right where they are. He has meticulously created an experience perfectly curated for the professional artist looking to expand their art practice and career. I am so grateful to have experienced this masterful bootcamp. I highly recommend it!”

- Noah J. (, from 3-day NYC workshop

“I would say the overall experience was great. I felt overwhelmed with your use of technology, but you are patient and willing to teach those with tech-phobias. one thing I learned from you was how to truly capture the image. I love your use of color and application. Much lighter than I was accustomed...”

- JJ Justice from 3-day Charlotte workshop